Wandering all around and playing some crazy songs, exploring new places and asking some people out.
On every new road, in every new town, there’s a story waiting to be heard, so let’s just roam around.

Have you ever been on a journey when you’re eagerly waiting to share your experiences with others? When you have loads of stories to tell, and love the feeling of people getting lost in their imagination as you share?
Then, I must say, you are at the right place!

Write your story, of your experiences and travels and mail it to us atΒ theabstory@gmail.com, along with images (not more than 2MB) and a link to any one of your social profiles.

We’ll put up your story on our website, and share it with the world.

Join us and others on an amazing, crazy journey, where we’ll interact with the world, explore new places and learn about living our lives with a new perspective.

TheAbstory – An Abstract of Your Story!



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