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Kid- ‘Amra korbo joy!
Amra korbo joy!
Amra korbo joy ek di!
Aha buker gobheer,
Ache prottoy,
Amra korbo joy ek di!

Me- Is she singing ‘We shall overcome’?

Father- Yes! She loves this song.

Me- (Smiles) Which language is this?

Father- Bengali.

Me- She’s very cute, and is a much better singer than I am.

(Everyone laughs)

Mother- We used to sing this to her every night. It is our song.

(Mother looks at father and both smile)

Me- ‘Our song’? Well, I do not mean to intrude  but there seems to be a story behind this?

Father- (Laughs) It’s a long story. The song gave strength to the two of us during some really hard times.

Me- Ohh! Well, it’s a long journey. Would you like to share?

(Father looks at the mother, and she nods with a smile. He then turns back to me and says…)

Father- We met in Delhi during our college days and from the first year itself we were college love birds.

Me- (smiles)

Farther- We had our ups and downs like any other couple, but we stayed together. Even when both of us got placed in separate cities, we didn’t lose our bond. In fact, we used to meet every month. Whenever I’d feel low or face problems at work or with family, she sing this song to me and vice-versa.

Mother- (In a rather serious tone) But real troubles were about to come.

Me- Marriage? Convincing parents?

Father- Well, that was one part of it. I belong to a Bengali Hindu family and she is a Kashmiri Muslim.

Me- Ohh!

Mother- As you might have guessed, both of our families were against it. My family forced me to quit the job and even threatened to kill him.

Father- My parents simply disowned me. So, like any other Bollywood movie, we eloped. We quit our jobs and came to Eastern India. It is comparatively harder to track down someone there.

Mother- The song saw us through those times as well. With the money that we had earned and saved, we spent some time outside India.

Father- Later, I started a small business in Guwahati which luckily gained some success.  She got pregnant around the same time, so we decided to get settled there. We haven’t contacted our family since, and we don’t think they’ll be looking for us anymore.

Me- Well, that truly is like a Bollywood story.

(Everyone laughs)

Mother- It is indeed. We too laugh about it often.

Farther- So, that’s why we call this ‘Our Song’, as it gave us a lot of strength and courage to deal with many such situations in our life so far and our daughter loves it too, so we sing it to her every night. Right baby?

Kid- ‘Amra korbo joy!
Amra korbo joy!
Amra korbo joy ek di!

Me- (Laughs) Wait a second. Hey, bro! Do you know how to play ‘We shall overcome’ on your Ukulele?

Bro- I can try. Shouldn’t be difficult.

Me- Come here then. Play it for her.

Bro- Sure!

(Strumming Ukulele)

‘Amra korbo joy!
Amra korbo joy!
Amra korbo joy ek di!

Deep in my heart,
I do believe,

Hum honge kaamyab, ek din!’

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