March 15, 2018 theabstractstory 0Comment

Cool breeze, sand between your toes, and a sky full of stars. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Only, it isn’t.

I woke up like this, three nights ago, drenched, dehydrated, and wrecked, in the middle of nowhere. We were sailing for the eastern coast, looking for some trade, when our ship got struck with the cyclone. Those horrid winds, and raging waves, they are still very much alive in my ears. And the screams! I lost my mates, the whole crew, even the captain.

I don’t know where I am, in which part of the sea, nor which day it is, and for how many days I was sailing in this endless ocean of infinite possibilities. All I know is that it’s been three nights since I woke up on this small island, surviving on nothing but raw grass, sea water, and hope.

Yes, hope.

Sometimes, I feel good that I’m far away from all the dirty politics, stupid religious warmongers, and corrupted souls. I have hope to see a new land, a land with better people, where there are no wars, no corruption, there’s respect for each individual in every society, and people live in harmony, accepting the differences they have amongst them.
In fact, I feel that we all are lost somewhere, looking for a justification for our own existence.

I’m not lost. I’m just on a wrong time, looking for the right direction, looking for some help. Looking for some hope.

So, with that hope, I’m writing this letter to you, inside this bottle, which will flow like a speck of wood in this vast ocean of existence, looking for a better land for me, looking for a new sun to shine on me.
And the next time when I’ll wake up, I’ll be living in tomorrow, in the middle of my profound hope.

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