Travel Survey : What sort of traveller are you?

#Travelling .. that’s the newest trend in the world.
As per a survey in 2016, 10-15% of the World population loves to travel. That means, 1 in every 10 people around the world loves to travel.

However, if you check out your social media, you’d say every other person likes to pose in front of a picturesque valley, mountains or beaches and post their stories with #travelling and #wanderlust.

So who are these wanderlusts?
Or I’d say, what sort of traveller are you?

Do you prefer a solo trip, or a chill day with your friends, or a luxury holiday with your partner?

We at TheAbstory are conducting a survey to understand the travel interest of people in India, what do they seek for while travelling and how would they like to call them as a traveller.

Please fill up this survey and help us to understand and determine how big this travel-bug of yours is?

Link to survey –



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