Would like to be a traveller? A story teller?

Come along, join this journey, and share your stories with the world.
Join me and others on an amazing, crazy journey, where we’ll interact with the world, explore new places and learn about living our lives with a new perspective.

Mail, message, or comment your queries, your ideas, or to be a part of the community.

I’m  a traveller, photographer, explorer, crazy (not really), and loves to interact with people (really).

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Facebook    : www.facebook.com/TheAbstractStory
Instagram  : www.instagram.com/theabstory

Twitter        : www.twitter.com/theabstory
E-mail         : theabstory@gmail.com


Wandering all around and playing some crazy songs, exploring new places and asking some people out.
On every new road, in every new town, there’s a story waiting to be heard, so let’s just roam around.

TheAbstory – An Abstract of Your Story




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