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Are we really content in our lives?

October 7, 2021 theabstractstory 0Comment

I was once traveling via a local train when I saw some nomads singing songs to collect money from the passengers. Most of the passengers were ignoring them but some were enjoying and giving them money. I mostly travel less on cash so I couldn’t give them money. However, I offered them some food which they accepted with delight.

After a while I saw them sitting next to the entrance of the coach, having their meal. I went over and tried to have some conversation.

They told me that they have been traveling and singing in trains for the past 10 years. They have traveled to most parts of the country except North, they wish to see snowfall once. They have also learned 12 different languages. Some days are rough when they are not able to get a proper meal, but most of the days they can make their basic ends meet and they are enjoying this life.

This made me realize that even when we have so many things, a proper job, a house, proper meals thrice a day, and still we feel unsatisfied. However, these people have so little, but still, they are content in life.

I hope one day I too shall be equally satisfied with what I have.

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