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Every relationship doesn’t have to be romantic!

October 7, 2021 theabstractstory 0Comment

I was needy, clingy, possessive, and an attention seeker. It’s true, I was. Probably that’s why my girlfriend dumped me. My friends took me on a group tour thinking that would help me to get over her. But I was so emotionally down that I didn’t see the beauty of the mountains around me.

On the same tour, there was this girl. She was smart, pretty, funny, and had big eyes. Moreover, she had such a calm and serene face, like she was in total zen. That attracted me towards her, and probably because of my sudden urge to find someone new to cling to.

On the second night when we were camping, she was sitting next to the dying born-fire. I approached her, to talk to her, and within 10 mins into the conversation she completely analyzed me. It was like, she sort of put a mirror in front of me (nothing in a negative way). After that, we talked and talked for hours about my past, my aspirations, my life, her life, and experiences, about everything we could think of till the sun came up the next morning. That was the first time when I saw the sunrise the way it was meant to be. After that my thoughts, my perspective towards life changed completely.

The next day we trekked to a hill nearby, explored the beauty of nature around us, and we sang & danced the whole night. That was our last night in the camp. The next day we went back to our cities. Before departing, we exchanged numbers, decided to travel again, and she kissed me on my cheek before leaving.

It’s been about 2 years, and she’s still a great friend of mine. We have traveled a couple of times together, but we never had any romantic relationship. And you know what? This time, I didn’t feel like I need someone to cling to. 🙂

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